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With over 12 years experience, Sir Locksalot Locksmiths, Your local Darlington locksmiths are here to assist you in any home security or lock related issues you may have. Our locksmiths in Darlington work seven days a week covering all aspects of upvc, mortice locks and yale locks.

Darlington Locksmiths are a local family run business. We cover the whole of Darlington and surrounding areas. We provide many services some of which are, U.p.v.c door and window locks, replacing and repairing locks. We upgrade the security of your home or business. If you are locked out then we will be there to help in a jiffy. We never charge a call out fee and all of our prices are fixed. We provide no obligation quotes free of charge and a 24 hour emergency service. These are just a few of the services that we provide.

With over 12 year experience your local locksmith Darlington are here to assist you in any home security or lock related issues you may entail. Our locksmiths in Darlington work seven days a week covering all aspects of upvc, mortice locks and yale locks.

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Take advantage of our no obligation quotes, if you are thinking about upgrading we will give you a quote over the phone. We can also offer free advice about your current home security. Sir Locksalot Locksmith Darlington aim to get to you within the hour, Whether it is an emergency call out or a security issue.

We price every job individually so you have a fixed price quote. You will never pay any more than the price quoted.

Lock snapping is used by burglars to break into property, they literally ‘snap’ the lock in two. It takes seconds to gain entry into you home and they don’t need any specialist tools or knowledge. Almost all Upvc doors have a euro cylinder lock, the cylinder is manipulated to open the lock. The cylinder is the weakest point, if it is compromised in any way then the other locking points are useless.

Residential Security

We at sir locksalot locksmith Darlington know that your house is where you keep your most treasured possessions and where your loved ones reside. Most of the time people are not aware of the quality and reliability of their locks and security. Everybody should secure your house to the highest possible standard.

There is a high rate of burglaries and petty crime taking place all over the UK so don’t be tempted to buy sub-standard locks to make it easier to gain entry to your premises.

Call Darlington Locksmiths now for advice and assistance is the best possible move to make to ensure your valuables, belongings and loved ones are safe from those petty thieves and burglars.



Sir Locksalot Locksmith Darlington can repair and replace all broken and jammed locks and doors to make sure all of your security needs are met.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being locked out of your premises or you have lost your keys, instead of waiting around in the rain call one of our professional Darlington locksmiths and we will be there to assist you and gain entry into your house.

We are available 24/7 365 days a year so it doesn’t matter if you have an emergency day or night, we will have you back in your house quickly without causing damage wherever possible.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Locksmith Darlington offers a twenty four hour emergency service throught Darlington and
surrounding areas. Our team are fully qualified with over a decade of experience. One of our aims is to respond to you within one hour.

As well as our unbeatable response times, we offer free no obligation quotes, plus, we never charge for call outs.

Locksmiths Darlington can repair or replace existing locks and fit security doors.Your safety and security is our priority.


Why Choose Sir Locksalot Locksmith Darlington

  • All locks fitted, repaired or changed
  • Emergency service
  • Fast response
  • Fixed Prices
  • Experienced locksmiths
  • No call out charge

Things to look for

If your door is closed and you can’t lock it  it may need re-aligning, but if it won’t turn at all, even in an open position, then that means the mechanism is faulty. If these problems are occurring then it will need servicing soon.
It will always be cheaper to repair a working door than one that is closed and jammed.

Just incase you urgently need a locksmith in Darlington – we are here to help! Our very skilled professional locksmiths have the

knowledge and expertise that is needed to help you in any security situation you may need.

Lock fittings, lock replacement, lock repair, door/window unlocking are just some of the services we offer. Our fast response time means that we can be with you speedily to make your home safe and sound. Also, our 24 hour emergency service means you can call on us around the clock day or night.

Extra Security

Because vandalism and burglary is on the rise we find that people are wanting physical security  like window grilles for example.

These are used for work or home and even privacy.

Customers say that they like them because it gives them a little more peace of mind.

The have been reported to greatly reduce crime rate in most areas.

Security shutters, removable window bars and retractable gates deter possible burglaries from
happening. They provide a high level of security and can be discreet if needed.
If you are interested in knowing more then call Gavin on 07368491224 he is
always there to help with any advice or questions that you may have.


Gavin at Sir Locksalot locksmith Darlington would like to advise you on how to look at your home security from a different perspective. We would like to raise public awareness of the increased need for home security. Homes these days are littered with high value items such as computers, laptops, games consoles, mobile phones etc which raises the risk of potential thieves breaking into your home. Burglars have become more sneaky in their ways, however there is no need for panic. Adding a couple of things to your home like good lighting, good locks and so forth, we at Darlington locksmith know that risk of a break in is greatly reduced. We suggest that you take a walk around your home thinking of what you can do to keep your home safer. It could also be useful to put yourself in a burglars shoes and think about how you would break into your home and what methods could stop the risks you see.Our professional Darlington locksmiths who are experts in this field will perform security surveys to help ensure  that your home security is up to standard.  Darlington locksmiths know that all the risks aren’t easy to spot for the untrained eye. If you spot any potential risks which you are unsure of how to remedy please feel free to get in touch with our team here.

Smart Home Connected
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Lock Check

When checking your locks make sure the first ones you do check are the entry points. By making sure that your entry points have sufficient security you may have already deterred a burglar from breaking into your premises. If you have never thought about locks and weak points around your home or business then now is the time. If you are overwhelmed with the idea or you don’t know what to look for then we are just a phone call away. Darlington locksmiths can help you decide what is best. We can visit you and carry out a security audit to let you know what is needed and where. We will go over weak points with you and explain it all along the way so you don’t feel overwhelmed by anything.

Fitting a high calibre lock on the door is quite sufficient to make the burglar think twice about breaking into your home or business.  So why not call your locksmiths Darlington today and find out about a lock and security survey. Book one of our guys in for a lock and security check. We will be in and out in a fast and efficient manner and provide you with excellent workmanship.

Our prices of services and products are very competitive and we assure you that all our prices are affordable. Call Gavin now on 07368491224 for your free no obligation quote, he is always happy to speak with you.

Door Viewers                  

Door viewers also better known as spy holes are a fantastic security accessory. Your front door should not be opened without seeing who is calling first. Keeping one if not two main entries to your home is essential alongside having quality locks fitted. Doors and windows are the first point of entry for burglars, it’s important for people to have their home security covered in as many ways possible. Many home owners overlook how important it is to see who is on the other side of your door. If you think about it, it really is one of the best way of preventing unwanted callers. Darlington locksmiths advise you to keep your home better protected and get a door viewer fitted.
There are a few different types of door viewers to choose from on the market, why not give us a call and we can tell you more about what is involved in having one fitted to your door. We also advise that you do not get an amateur locksmith to install your door viewer as there are many things to take into consideration when installing one. Make sure that your locksmith is a professional and has many years experience. After all, you don’t want the security to your home to be at risk.

Window Restrictors

Darlington locksmiths highly recommend this security product if you have a young child or a dog. Outward opening windows can be very dangerous and a window restrictor will help keep your child or pet safer for your peace of mind.

We only fit high quality window restrictors which have been designed to withstand up to 100kg of pressure because we understand your child and pet’s safety is paramount. The restrictor opens 10cm which allows fresh air to ventilate each room in your house. They come in different colours to match your decor.

The device is locked in place with a key so your child will be unable to unlock it by accident.

Always ensure the key is out of the reach of children.

Window alarms/sensors

Gavin at Sir Locksalot Locksmith Darlington recommends that you use window alarms/sensors alongside the other home security you have. They are cost efficient and come in a range of prices. Protect all of your windows if you are at home or not. They are loud enough for neighbours and passers by to hear. If someone tries to break into your home by using the window as an entry point, then they would set off the trigger that will set off the alarm.

They are an excellent deterrent too, if a would be burglar sees that you have window sensors fitted, they would think twice about breaking into your home.

You could use them to protect small children too, if a child tries to open a window when you are out of the room the alarm will sound, letting you know what the child is doing.

They are easy to connect to your window, but  if you are unsure about connecting them yourself, then just call Darlington Locksmiths and our professional locksmith will be there to do the job for you.

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Garden Sheds

Many people put their tools, bikes and gardening tools in their shed, this means that it becomes a target for burglars. A lot of people have a weak lock on the door, this is a huge mistake as burglars can be gain entry in seconds and take very expensive items away with them. Call Darlington locksmiths today for advice on how to secure your shed and outbuildings, don’t try and get a handyman to do this, always call on your local professional locksmith who is always there to help.

Going on holiday

Have you come home from a fantastic holiday to find out that your home has been burgled?  A break in is bad at any time, but it somehow seems worse if it happens while you are on holiday.  You may find yourself asking, “Why didn’t the neighbours hear anything?” “Why didn’t I use the timers that I bought months ago?”

Almost three quarters of burglaries occur when there is no one at home and so this is something important and we should take this seriously.  To some it’s common sense to have a checklist, other people don’t give it a second thought.

You should ask your neighbours/family to

  • Pop in each day to draw/open the curtains
  • Switch lights on and off
  • Water the plants
  • Move your car
  • Take in your post and newspapers

Things you should put away or leave out of sight

  • DIY tools should be locked in a garage
  • Garden tools should be locked in the shed
  • All keys should be left out of sight
  • All items of value should be removed from your car
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Tony Cardello

General Manager

i locked my car keys in the car so i had to call out a locksmith, Gavin was here in 20 mins and had fished my keys out in 5. Great service.

Barbara Case

Business Agent

Sir locksalot came to the rescue, Gavin picked my lock open when id had my bag stolen. I can highly recommend.

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General Manager

My Ins company recommended Sir locksalot locksmith darlington to upgrade my locks to bs3621, i am now fully covered so thank you Sir locksalot.

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