Anti Snap

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darlington locksmithAs soon as Ultion detects any kind of forced entry it will start an attack lock straight in the central cam, this is called the lock down mode. If the burglar is so determined to gain entry into your home and passes 2 of the Ultion’s sacrificial parts he will not be able to get to the attack lock because that part is protected by a solid core and has a dedicated retaining pin.


Darlington Locksmith Anti-Snap

“cylinder snapping” and/or “lock snapping“

Lock snapping is used by burglars to break into property, they literally ‘snap’ the lock in two. It takes seconds to gain entry into you home and they don’t need any specialist tools or knowledge. Almost all Upvc doors have a euro cylinder lock, the cylinder is manipulated to open the lock. The cylinder is the weakest point, if it is compromised in any way then the other locking points are useless.

By fitting an anti snap lock will give you peace of mind and deter the burglar. It will give more
security to your property and it is very cost efficient.

When Darlington Locksmith have been to a home that has been burgled and the use of entry has been lock snapping, customers always change their locks to anti snap locks when we inform them of the weakness of the euro cylinder.

If your previous locksmith has left the cylinder protruding then it is not acceptable. Please do not accept anything but a correct sized cylinder when you have your locks changed. Darlington locksmith will always fit the correct sized locks as we are trained to a very high standard. All of our engineers are up to date with the latest tools and techniques. This will put your mind at rest knowing that you are in the safest hands.

We have had many phone calls asking us if it is ok for them to fit their own lock. We recommend that a professional locksmith like ourselves should do the work, especially with anti snap locks. You will know that you and your family are safe when choosing Darlington Locksmith.

Believe it or not this is what one homeowner was told, luckily one of our approved companies spotted it and highlighted the homeowner to the danger this other so called “locksmith” had put him in.



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