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Christmas Security: 10 Tips to deter the Burglar

As we all know Christmas time can be one of the busiest times of the year as we are buying presents and storing them in allover our homes. This time of year is very lucrative for the burglar as a lot of the gifts we buy are expensive electronic items such as mobile phones, games consoles etc.

Please take a few minutes of your time and read our tips for keeping your home safe over Christmas and New Year.

If you invest in outdoor lighting it could deter a burglar from approaching your home as he likes to work in the dark and in silence. is a useful deterrent in the fight against crime and you can register your belongings on their site here


Out of Sight-Out of Mind

Darlington locksmiths suggests that you put all of your gifts away and out of sight because burglars can look through your windows and see that you have mountains of gifts under the tree. This makes you a perfect target and the burglar will surely try and gain entry into your home and make away with your Christmas gifts.

Securing your Windows

According to Government statistics 30% of burglaries committed through a window. Make sure that you have extra security fitted to your windows such as, sash jammers, jacklocks etc.

Empty Homes over Christmas

If you are away for Christmas try to get a family member to go to your home every day to open and close your curtains. You can also get in touch with Royal Mail and use their keepsave service and you can collect your mail when you get back home. Darlington locksmiths also advise that you fit timers to lamps to give the illusion of occupancy.

Top Tips for Christmas.

  • Deter Burglars
  • Keep Curtains closed from when it starts to get dark
  • Check for weak spots on windows and doors
  • Protect your identity
  • Secure garages and sheds
  • Cancel mail if you are going away
  • Keep lights on to let people know that your home is occupied
  • Dispose of packaging well
  • Don't leave keys hung around close to the front door

Top Tips for Shed Securitydarlington locksmith

People often think that the usual hasp, staple and padlock are enough to secure your shed door, often, this is not the case. Here are a few tips to help you secure your shed or outbuilding.

As locksmiths in the Darlington are we have noticed that a vast majority of sheds and brick outbuildings are insecure. Firstly you need to check that your bolt or hasp is screwed into the wood with security screws or coach bolts, not normal screws. This will prevent any would be intruders from simply unscrewing the screws and gaining entry to your shed.  Next, the padlock should be a hardened steel padlock to prevent bolt cutters from being used. Also, check any windows are secure and the putty has not degraded in any way.

We tend to forget how much we store in our sheds, things like, bikes, lawnmowers, strimmers, D.I.Y. tools and various other items. If you were to add up the cost of the items that would need replacing if someone stole everything, it would no doubt be expensive. At Darlington locksmiths we would always suggest that you fit ground anchors wherever possible inside your shed. Ground anchors are used to secure things like bicycles and motorbikes to the floor as well as more expensive garden tools. This means if the burglar does manage to break into your shed he will then need to also break through the ground anchor to steal your property. This will slow them down and will be very noisy which the burglar as we know likes to be quick and quiet. This is why a ground anchor is a great deterrent.

Always remember your shed is an extension of your home and should be secured with the same level of security as your house.

What Burglars look out For

We all know that a burglar will watch your home for a few days before deciding if they should break in or not. If you make it easy for them you will be a sure target. Below are a few points that burglars take note of.

  • If your possessions/valuables are on display
  • Unsecured or open windows
  • No security alarms fitted
  • Unlocked gates or garages


Put yourself in a burglars shoes.                                         

We know it sounds strange to put yourself in a burglars shoes, but it is a very efficient way to identify your home security threats. Locksmiths Darlington see this as an easy way of thinking about your security, trust us when we say that it is really helpful to better protect yourself against a burglary. Take 30 minutes out of your daily routine and look around the inside and outside of your home and think how you would break in. Have a notepad and pen with you, another suggestion from Locksmiths Darlington is to do a walk around when it's dark too. This will help you identify the areas where total dark spots are and those areas will benefit from a little light. Keep in mind windows, they have to have locks fitted to really deter burglars. Check your locks to see if they have become loose or stiff, if they have then they need repairing or replacing. Check your door locks for the same problems, most burglars break in through your back or front door. Remember, it is in a purely hypothetical form we ask you to do this, you may be surprised at the results.

If the thought of this overwhelms you then you can ask us to do the job for you. We will security darlington locksmithssend one of our locksmiths out to visit you to complete a home inspection. All of our locksmiths are trained to the highest standard and we are very professional. We have seen countless scenarios where thieves have broken into premises and we can identify issues that you may miss.

If this is something that you are interested in, or maybe you just want some more information about our home visits.
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